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Sprinter Jet Rental in Atlanta

Hourly Rate $298/Hour    Passengers 10 Passengers    Luggage 10 Luggage
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Our Sprinter Jet is crafted for those who seek the exclusive atmosphere of private aviation while on the road. Designed to accommodate up to 10 passengers comfortably, it delivers a sophisticated and elite travel experience for intimate groups and VIP clients. The interior of this vehicle echoes the luxurious ambiance of a private jet, complete with plush seating, elegant design details, and cutting-edge features that enhance both comfort and functionality. The Sprinter Jet is an exceptional choice for a range of specialized services provided by us, Backstage Limousine, including FBO private aviation and high-end corporate transportation. Whether it’s for smooth transitions to special event venues, providing prestigious transport for dignitaries, or making a notable arrival at a wedding, our Sprinter Jet stands for luxury and exclusivity in ground transportation.

Our Sprinter Jet offers unparalleled luxury and style for those who demand a transport experience that mirrors the exclusivity of private flights. Perfect for catering to VIPs or ensuring an elegant journey for any special occasion, let us help you make a statement with every trip.


  • Designed for Small, Exclusive Groups: Offers a secluded and elite setting for up to 10 passengers.
  • Interior Inspired by Private Jets: Features a luxurious and refined atmosphere.
  • Plush Seating: Delivers superior comfort for a tranquil journey.
  • Tailored for FBO Private Aviation and Elite Corporate Transport: Meets the exacting standards of sophisticated clients.
  • Ideal for High-Profile Events: Ensures distinguished transport for significant occasions.
  • State-of-the-Art In-Vehicle Amenities: Incorporates the latest technology for both entertainment and work.
  • Refined Design Details: Showcases a commitment to style and opulence.
  • Privacy Enhancements: Provides complete discretion for passengers.
  • Adaptable Climate Control: Offers personalized comfort settings.

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